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  1. Update to the 7th Edition of Strategic Financial Analysis in Higher Education Summer 2016

    NACUBO Member Price: $30.00
    Nonmember price: $60.00
    *Bundle both the recently released
    Update and the 2010 7th Edition and save

    If you want to purchase just the 7th edition published in 2010 CLICK HERE.

    Since it was first published in 1980, the Strategic Financial Analysis for Higher Education series has been acknowledged by leaders in the higher education industry as important financial publications and used extensively by trustees, senior managers, financial analysts, and credit analysts. This update addresses significant changes in financial reporting and management by both private and public institutions since the 7th edition was published in 2010, including:

    • Reintroducing the conceptual framework of core composite financial index ratios
    • Clarifying the calculation and meaning of expendable net assets
    • Explaining valuable secondary ratios
    • Assessing how changes in analysis by rating agencies impacts higher education
    • Evaluating how pension accounting changes—for publics—affect ratios and benchmarks

    Have an eReader? Purchase a copy for your Kindle today.

    Learn More
  2. Managing & Collecting Student Receivables

    This handy desk reference will help you and your institution develop and maintain a professional environment for properly managing operations, while ensuring that students receive fair and equitable service. Written for business officers, financial aid directors, CFOs, controllers, and collections staff, Managing and Collecting Student Receivables offers detailed guidelines.

    Nonmember price: $75.00

    Member Price: $50.00

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  3. A Guide to College and University Budgeting, 4th Ed.

    Nonmember price: $75.00
    Member Price: $50.00

    Budgeting is inherently political. Too often, short-term goals overrun long-term institutional interest. By presenting the many layers of budgeting models with a clear, comparative framework, author Larry Goldstein demonstrates the organic link between planning and budgeting, making it crystal clear that budgets and plans represent two sides of the same coin. Purchase your copy now of a perennial NACUBO bestseller, A Guide to College and University Budgeting: Foundations for Institutional Effectiveness, Fourth Edition. Book-Softcover, 239 pages, 2012

    Learn More
  4. 3100

    Nonmember price: $25.00

    Member Price: $19.98

    Book-Softcover, 256 pages, 2009 Learn More
  5. 3099

    Nonmember price: $59.95

    Member Price: $44.95

    In his work with more than 100 higher education institutions over the last 25 years, education consultant Patrick Sanaghan has observed that even the most well-crafted and detailed strategic plans often fail—simply because internal stakeholders often are not involved in the process and feel no connection to the outcome. Sanaghan’s five-phase Collaborative Strategic Planning process (CSP) tackles this challenge and guides higher education leaders on involving stakeholders in the process from concept to implementation.

    Book-Softcover, 152 pages, 2009

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  6. 3102

    Nonmember price: $42.00

    Member Price: $32.95

    CD-ROM, 2009 Learn More
  7. Excellence in Higher Education Guide (2010)

    Nonmember price: $45.00

    Member Price: $29.00

    Book-Softcover, 116 pages, 2009 Learn More
  8. Excellence in Higher Education Workbook and Scoring Guide (2009)

    Nonmember price: $30.00

    Member Price: $15.00

    Book-Softcover, 155 pages, 2009 Learn More
  9. Facilitator's Package: Excellence in Higher Education
    With the Facilitator's Package you receive 15 copies of the Guide, 15 copies of the Workbook, and 1 copy of the Facilitator's CD. Learn More
  10. Financial Responsibilities of Governing Boards

    Nonmember price: $19.98

    Member Price: $16.84

    Book-Softcover, 112 pages, 2001 Learn More

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