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  1. Facilitator's Package: Excellence in Higher Education
    With the Facilitator's Package you receive 15 copies of the Guide, 15 copies of the Workbook, and 1 copy of the Facilitator's CD. Learn More
  2. Financial Responsibilities of Governing Boards

    Nonmember price: $19.98

    Member Price: $16.84

    Book-Softcover, 112 pages, 2001 Learn More
  3. 3106

    Nonmember price: $40.00

    Member Price: $29.95

    Book-Softcover, 256 pages, 2009 Learn More
  4. 6013

    Nonmember price: $30.00

    Member Price: $20.00

    Inside this thoughtful monograph, readers will find a brief glimpse into the role of the chief business officer, how it has evolved, and where it’s heading. Book-Softcover, 75 pages, 2012 Learn More
  5. Managerial Analysis and Decision Support: A Guidebook and Case Studies

    Nonmember price: $35.00

    Member Price: $24.95

    Book-Softcover, 344 pages, 2004 Learn More
  6. 3117

    Nonmember price: $59.95

    Member Price: $45.00

    The second edition of NACUBO’s Guide to Unitizing Investment Pools explains how to manage and report endowment funds within a consolidated investment pool. Book-Hardcover, 2011

    This publication is generously supported by:

    Learn More
  7. 3066

    Nonmember price: $52.46

    Member Price: $41.22

    Book-Hardcover, 256 pages, 2006 Learn More
  8. 3062

    Nonmember price: $93.00

    Member Price: $71.21

    Book-Softcover, 298 pages, 2005 Learn More
  9. 3113

    Nonmember price: $55.00

    Member Price: $35.00

    Book-Softcover Learn More
  10. 4070

    Nonmember price: $50.00

    Member Price: $35.00

    Multiple economic and political forces have driven universities to change how they fund and finance education and research during the last 50 to 60 years. The advent of Responsibility Center Management (RCM) in the late 1970s and early 1980s coincided with a poor economy that had adverse impacts on investments, employment, and state revenues. Similarly, the economic recession of 2008—and its lasting effects—prompted many universities to seek greater efficiencies and unleash their entrepreneurs by implementing an RCM system.

    Authors John R. Curry, Andrew L. Laws and Jon C. Strauss describe the many nuances and techniques institutions can use to implement RCM in this newly revised second edition. Book-Softcover, 110 pages, 2013 Learn More

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